Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the Williamsville Education Foundation are community volunteers and local business leaders who believe that students deserve access to high quality public education. Many are graduates of the Williamsville Central School District who pledge to continue the District's reputation for excellence.

The Education Foundation's Board of Directors works closely with the Williamsville Central District to identify and close gaps in educational service delivery.

Our agenda is focused through in-person and Zoom meetings with solid outcomes.

We are always looking for volunteers to help us serve our students. If you would like to be a volunteer Board Member, please click on the Contact Section and fill in your information so that we may contact you.


Members of the Board of Directors:

Director   Title
Ronald Shubert   President
Sujata Yalamanchili   Vice President
Joseph Lipsitz   Treasurer
Kathryn Homer   Secretary
Richard Hitzges   Director
Sujata Yalamanchili   Director
Brad Hahn   Director
Cheryl Goldstone   Director
Joseph Lipsitz   Director
Larry McGowan   Director
Mark L. Stulmaker   Director

Kathryn Homer



Susan Recoon

Lenora Foote-Beavers

Thomas Lucia