Our Mission

The Williamsville Education Foundation is an independent, volunteer led, 501c3 non-profit that serves the students of Williamsville Central School District. We fund worthwhile programs which may not be implemented due to budgetary constraints. We inspire the youth of today and tomorrow to achieve educational excellence.

The mission of the Williamsville Education Foundation, Inc. is to gather and administer private resources to enhance the educational activities of the Williamsville Central School District and help ensure that its students receive the highest quality education.

Through the use of community resources, we seek to ensure that ALL children attain academic success.

The Foundation has used funds to:

  • Establish a Wall of Fame to honor graduates of each High School who have distinguished themselves through outstanding service.
  • Provide mini-grants to teachers and other staff.
  • Enhance the District's relationship with its alumni and assist their ability to re-connect with each other.