Forest Elementary Math Specialist, Donna Callaghan, received a mini-grant to buy the “Build to Express” Lego program, shown here being used in an after school activity designed to build better communication skills.  Students are given a topic or a theme and are asked to build a representation using the Legos. They share their creations with the other children who have the opportunity to ask questions. Pictured, Matt Topor, grade 2, and Miriam Waddell, grade 3, work on their Lego creations. 


Williamsville East High School Psychology/AP Psychology Teacher, Kathy Baily, received a mini-grant to purchase inversion goggles which makes the wearer see everything upside down. They help students learn the importance of visual inputs to simple motor activities. Pictured, East junior, Kailee Segarra (foreground) wears the perception goggles as classmate Arianna Wagar guides her to the white board. In the background are Lydia Greiner, wearing the goggles, being guided by Erin Jozwiak. 


Lego Blocks goggles are tools for education in our Mini-Grant program

The Williamsville Education Foundation, Inc. has awarded grants totaling more than $8,200 to fund items and programs designed to enhance learning opportunities for Williamsville students.

“The grant proposals we receive and fund demonstrate the creative and innovative work teachers are doing to engage their students in learning,” said Foundation President, Jeffrey Katz. “We are able to fund worthwhile items or projects above and beyond what the school district can do within the constraints of its budget.”

The grants this year helped support three district-wide programs: the 15th Annual Poetry, Music, Dance & Arts Celebration featuring Carol Ann Duffy, the poet laureate of Great Britain, held April 27; an upcoming Celebration of the Visual Arts Exhibit at the University at Buffalo; and a new, full-dome show for the district planetarium.

In addition, funds were awarded to teachers at nine schools, as follows:

  • Perception/inversion goggles and Living Environment manipulative models at East High School;
  • A Buffalo News class set subscription, adaptive Physical Education equipment, and two Nexus 7 Android tablets at North High School;
  • Fitness room equipment at South High School;
  • Kidwind Basic Wind Experiment Kits and art display rails at Casey Middle School’
  • “K’nex” Building Kits, stage crew walkie talkies, small ensemble sheet music, and two classroom stereo systems at Transit Middle school;
  • World’s Famous Artist DVD set at Country Parkway Elementary;
  • Build to Express Lego Program for academic intervention services at Forest Elementary;
  • Band room equipment at Heim Elementary;
  • Rhythm band instrument and movement resources at Maple West Elementary

The Williamsville Education Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit organization designed to gather and administer private resources to help ensure Williamsville students receive the highest level of education. Since 2001, the Foundation has donated over $51,000 to support dozens of student-focused projects across all schools that otherwise would go unfunded due to budget constraints.   Your donations are welcome. See in our web site an easy way to help the students!