Foundation looking for Board members

The Williamsville Education Foundation, a local 501(c)(3) organization that administers private resources to enhance educational activities and programs that were not funded in school budgets, is seeking new board members and volunteers.

“We have about 15 [board members] now,” President Ron Shubert said. “And in order to carry out our activities ... we just need more people to help us in our endeavors.”

Some of the foundation’s more notable events and fundraisers include the biennial Wall of Fame event.

“The Wall of Fame recognizes distinguished alumni from the Williamsville Central School District who have served as role models for today’s students. We have an induction ceremony, which is usually a breakfast. And then after that, the inductees go back to their respective high schools and they speak in the auditorium to the students in their respective schools,” Shubert said. “It’s a big event, it’s been well attended over the years and it’s probably our primary fundraiser because that’s what we’re all about. We have to raise money so that we can then give it back.”

The Williamsville Education Foundation also coordinates a mini grant program, which was first introduced in 2001.

“We give awards about $500 to a worthwhile classroom to fund projects, programs or activities that might otherwise not have been possible again because of limited school budgets,” Shubert said. “A thing in the future that we’re thinking about but that hasn’t really gotten off the ground is doing scholarships, and I’m not yet sure how that’s going to happen. But that’s something that, as we grow our board, I think we’ll have more people to work on that project and I think that you’ll see scholarships, too.”

Not only is the foundation looking to grow its board and network of volunteers so that they can continue to host their fundraising events and help give back to schools, but they are also hoping to diversify the board to better represent the Williamsville community.

“We’re looking to diversify, too,” Shubert said. “And have a more diverse group that represents Williamsville.”

While the foundation is hoping to welcome at least four or five more board members, Shubert said there is no magic number, and that all who are interested in volunteering their time and energy to help local schools are welcome.

“Anyone that has an interest in helping, anyone that’s interested, we have former teachers, we have community members, I’m a graduate of Williamsville South, anyone and everyone who is interested in the Williamsville Central Schools and in helping them succeed,” Shubert said. “Qualification-wise or interest-wise, if you want to volunteer, we’re happy to have you.” 

With schools facing difficult budget seasons due to COVID-19, the mission of the Williamsville Education Foundation is important now more than ever. Those who are interested in learning more or getting involved should email us through our CONTACT link here on our home page.